Advantages of
Air delivery

  • 01Our support at all stages: information, consulting and documentation.
  • 02We check the manufacturers and your suppliers for you, consolidate orders in warehouses and ship on time.
  • 03Best price from LTL Service Ukraine thanks to the choice of the most optimal delivery routes and consolidation airports.
  • 04This is the best shipping method for valuable, dangerous, perishable or pharmacological loads.
  • 05We are financially responsible to you.
  • 06You know exactly when your goods will arrive.

We can help you with the load!

Cost miscalculation

Regular bulk deliveries or small single loads - in any case, you get a professional approach and quality delivery.
All information on air freight delivery, including cost estimate, in just 15 minutes!
You just need to fill out an application with information about time, place of delivery and shipment, and we will call you back.

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