About delivery

Do you need to deliver a cargo of medium or small size? No need to pay for the delivery of “air”!  With LTL Service Ukraine you pay only for the delivery of your cargo and not for the whole machine.
What is the focus?  Our employees make competent transportation routes of delivery of groupage cargoes for each customer that maximizes the cheapest service for you.
Get raw materials, goods or equipment super-profitable: in perfect condition, fast, inexpensive and convenient, whether it’s a large batch or a small box.

Advantages of
Delivery of groupage cargo

  • 01A wide network of partners across Europe enables us to deliver pre-shipment cargo from any country, even during the "hot" period.
  • 02With us are available auto transportations of groupage cargoes under the LTL scheme from anywhere in the world.
  • 03We can always offer you alternative shipping options, even with transit restrictions.
  • 04You are always aware of the movement of cargo through an automatic alert system.
  • 05In any case, you will find a great rate for you in our price due to the flexible system of bonuses and discounts.
  • 06You receive only high quality service when shipping cargo from any European country.

We can help you with the load!

Cost calculation

Regular bulk shipping or small single shipment - in any case, you get a professional approach and quality delivery.
All shipping information, including cost estimate, is only 15 minutes!
You just need to fill out an application with information about time, place of delivery and shipment, and we will call you back.

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