The new service saves 20% of standard shipping costs!


Recently, our company has opened a long-awaited service for delivery of groupage goods from Turkey. New service helps to reduce freight costs by at least 20%! Customers who have already taken advantage of the new service note the advantages of fast car search, low cost and speed of delivery.

Imports from Turkey are increasing year by year. Turkish partners provide quality goods at favorable prices for Ukrainian customers. But the organization of delivery of goods from Turkey is slightly different from the delivery of goods from other countries, so we decided to separate it into a separate service. After learning about this, Sergey Vasilyevich, a representative of the online publication “Logistic Solutions”, came to our office. In order to clarify all the basic nuances of such delivery and to convey information to the readers of the edition, Victoria – a leading logist of the Turkish direction of the company LTL Service Ukraine answered the main questions. With the permission of the author, we publish an interview with us on the site.

– Victoria, based on your experience in organizing transportation from Turkey, can you tell us what problems clients usually face?

– Often customers are asked to carry a small load of 1.3.5 pallets or small equipment, such as half a car. But finding a direct carrier with a load is very difficult. Most often, you still have to take a full car and overpay. Especially when it comes to the distant points of Turkey, where not all carriers agree to travel in principle. It is still possible to find a cargo from Istanbul and the cities near it, but if we talk about the direction of Konya, Ankara and there towards Syria, it is rare to find even a single car there, as there is no export there, and imports happen often.

– And how did you resolve this situation?

– We have managed to optimize the delivery chains, combining different carriers so that the search for a car now takes no more than 24 hours from the moment of signing the application. Sometimes the time is up to 48 hours, but no more. The search time for a car for 48 hours happens when the goods are taken from very remote points. For example, recently we were picking up equipment for one customer, from the city of Erzurum, which is near the border with Georgia, where we were able to find a car in 36 hours.

– What does it look like in general? 1 car goes around all the addresses of cargo pickup and then goes to Ukraine? Sounds not very convenient.

– Yes, that would be really inconvenient, but we have our own warehouse in Istanbul, where all cargo is consolidated.

– Then the customers have to wait for all the goods to be taken away? It’s probably a long time.

– No, due to the large volume of cargo, the warehouse leaves 2-3 times a week. Therefore, delivery of goods from anywhere in Turkey takes the same 7-12 days.

– But there are certainly situations when problems with the design and then customers in the prefabricated car have to wait until they have completed all the cargo. How do you avoid this?

– Believe me, we were faced with different difficulties, we designed different cargoes. But we have been carrying loads from Turkey for many years. That is why we have long established cooperation with one of the most reliable agencies in Turkey, with an extensive network of brokers all over the country. In fact, we can sweep cargo anywhere in Turkey, based on customer requests, but most often it happens in Istanbul. Our Turkish-speaking broker works for us there. This allows us to resolve the issues quickly and without any hassle for the client.

– Victoria, did you mention the warehouse and consolidation, it turns out that this service can only be used by customers in which cargo on pallets? Usually warehouses do not overload cargo without pallets.

– Fortunately for our clients we overload any goods packed on pallets, without pallets, in rolls. In stock modern equipment and qualified staff.

– Thank you, Victoria, I think the readers have received all the necessary information. But the last question is, how much does such a delivery service cost?

– I can not tell you the price so directly, because all the loads are different and require an individual calculation. But I can say that our prices are the best on the market. You can get the price individually on our website in the form for calculation. You can also write to us in viber, telegram or call our managers at +38 (044) 393-20-05. It usually takes 15 minutes to calculate the cost.

Thanks again Victoria for such an informative consultation! If you have any questions, you can ask Victoria in the form of feedback on the site.